Common Questions:


Question: Do I need to be present for my oil change?

Answer: In most cases you do not need to be present for your oil change. We will need the vehicle unlocked so that we can complete the service and record vehicle mileage. If keys are needed, we will notify you at that time. 


Question: Can I schedule my oil change while I am at work?

Answer: Yes, we can perform your vehicle service for you while you are at work. We would ask that you park your vehicle in a location where it will have easy access to the vehicle and would not cause any issues for other vehicles traveling through the parking lot. 


Question: How do you know what oil my vehicle takes?

Answer: Our system goes off the manufacturers recommended oil by year, make, and model of your vehicle. 


Question: Will you need to jack up my vehicle?

Answer: Depending on the location of the oil filter, we may need to jack up the vehicle to get to the oil filter. 


Question: Does MOCS Inc carry insurance in case of any damage?

Answer: Yes, we are insured in the event of any damage being caused to a customers vehicle.